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Indonesiaa��s economy to grow by 6.5% in 2011

Bank Indonesia has projected Indonesiaa��s economy to expand by up to 6.5 percent next year, an increase from this yeara��s expected 6 percent or more.

The deputy governor of the central bank, Hartadi A. Sarwono, said Wednesday that 2011a��s growth would follow the trend of this yeara��s third quarter, which stood at 5.8 percent, to the fourth quarter, which is expected to reach 6.1 percent.

a�?Indonesiaa��s economy will grow by between 6.3 and 6.5 percent, while the inflation rate will be 5 percent, minus 1 percent,a�? Hartadi said while addressing a seminar titled a�?2011 Economic Outlooka�? as reported by Antara.

He added that to achieve the projected growth, the government would have to be able to slow down capital inflow entering and outflow leaving the country.

Source: The Jakarta