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Opening 11 New Missions, FM Highlighted the Commitment to Good Relations

International cooperation is a necessity, and diplomacy will continue to give contribution in realizing the national interest. The establishment of Indonesian Missions cannot be separated from both. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. R.M. Marty M. Natalegawa, at the establishment of 11 new Indonesian Missions, Gedung Pancasila, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, today (29/12/2010).

The new missions are the Embassy of Indonesia in Baku (Azerbaijan), the Embassy of Indonesia in Manama (Bahrain), the Embassy of Indonesia in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the Embassy of Indonesia in Quito (Ecuador), the Embassy of Indonesia in Astana (Kazakhstan), the Embassy of Indonesia in Zagreb (Croatia), the Embassy of Indonesia in Muscat (Oman), the Embassy of Indonesia in Panama City (Panama), the Embassy of Indonesia in Maputo (Mozambique), the Consulate of Indonesia in Tawau (Malaysia) and Indonesian Permanent Mission for ASEAN in Jakarta.

The Foreign Minister stressed that the establishment of the missions is a realization of good relationship. With these new mission, now Indonesia has 130 representative offices.

The establishment of Indonesian embassies in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, according to the Foreign Minister, is expected to enhance the ability in recognizing opportunities for cooperation, particularly in the field of energy resources.

Regarding the establishment of Embassies in Oman and Bahrain, Indonesia hopes to strengthen the relationship with Gulf countries, where economy and investment grow rapidly. These countries also become a hub for Indonesia to their neighboring countries.

“The protection for Indonesian citizens abroad and the enhancement of inter-community relationships also become a priority. Indonesia also expects to open up opportunities to non-traditional markets,” he said while explaining the importance of embassies establishment in other countries.

Related to the establishment of Indonesian Permanent Mission for ASEAN in Jakarta, the Minister expected that the interests of Indonesia in ASEAN can be further consolidated, particularly in carrying out its duties as the Chairman of the ASEAN in 2011.

The minister also expressed his expectation for the Representatives of Indonesia to be able to develop keen analysis towards the opportunities and challenges of diplomacy, especially in the midst of information and communication technology revolution.

The event was attended by the President’s Special Envoy to the Middle East and the OIC, Alwi Shihab (Former Indonesian Foreign Minister, 1999-2001), Chair of the House of Representativesa�� Commissioner I Drs. Mahfudz Siddiq Msi, Representatives of Foreign Countries in Jakarta, officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the relevant agencies. (Source: Directorate. Infomed/Yo2k)