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High End Tourism Has ‘Potential’ in Indonesia

The low rates at five-star hotels in Indonesia and the country’s noted hospitality mean there is huge potential for the country to develop luxury tourism and even for it to lead the countrya��s tourism industry, an official said.

a�?No other country has beaten us in the luxury [tourism] segment. Try Singapore, for example, can you find a suite with a rate under US$400 there?

a�?Wea��re not having sales, but offer affordable luxury,a�? Culture and Tourism Ministry director of promotions Noviendi Makalam said as quoted byA� on Sunday.

He said a plus point for Indonesiaa��s luxury tourism was its hospitality.

a�?Our only competitor in the hospitality industry is Thailand. So wea��re actually among the leaders in the luxury segment in Southeast Asia,a�? Noviendi said.

a�?Our hotels may not be as large as those in neighboring countries. Most of our hotels are boutique hotels, not big but nice.a�?

He added that the ministry was eyeing the central Asia and southeast Europe markets for its high end tourism, saying they spent up to three times more than that spent by tourists from the usual western Europe market during their visits.