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Indonesiaa��s Initiative Colored the Final Result of the 16th NAM Ministerial Meeting

The 16th Ministerial Meeting and the 50th NAM Anniversary meeting ended this afternoon (27/05/2011) and produced five outcomes, namely the Final Document, the Bali Commemorative Declaration, the Declaration on Palestine, the Declaration on Palestine Political Prisoners and the Statement on the Total Elimination Nuclear Weapon.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Dr. R.M. Marty M. Natalegawa, concluded the conference by expressing his optimism towards the role of NAM in the future following the success of its country members in formulating the common vision of NAM for the next 50 years.

The NAM vision for the future was included in the Bali Commemorative Declaration. Marty stated that Indonesia should not only host the event but also had an obligation to demonstrate its leadership and initiative.

“Indonesiaa��s visions, as conveyed by President Yudhoyono at the opening ceremony of the conference, have colored the visions outlined in the document. Such visions are, among other things, the reflection of our leadership and initiative, “he added.

During the conference, Indonesia also started the initiative to make an action plan to encourage international support “a��for the struggle of Palestinian independence, for its efforts to be a UN member as well as for its efforts to release political prisoners,” Marty said in a press conference held after the closing of the conference.

The action plan, whose details will be arranged within the next few days, contains NAMa��s measures to anticipate the discussion on the Palestinea��s membership issue in the UN at the General Assembly Summit, on September.

The first is to increase the recognition of a Palestinian state, including from the 30 countries members of NAM which have not given their recognition yet.

The second is to initiate a dialogue between NAM and the UN through the Security Council, the General Assembly and the Secretary General as well as the Quartet on the Middle East.

The next is to prevent such support efforts interrupt the undergoing peacemaking process.

According to Marty, the action plan proposal from Indonesia has been reflected in the two declarations on Palestine that have been ratified.

In the Final Document, various views of Indonesia are also reflected, including various specific issues such as the UN reforms, food security issue, climate change, human rights, and democracy.

Meanwhile, in the Statement on the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, Indonesia, which for the last14 years has been serving as the coordinator of NAM on Disarmament issue, strengthens the NAM message to eliminate nuclear weapons from the earth.

Marty also said that he has used the sidelines of the conference to meet with no less than 26 Foreign Ministers of the NAM countries members. Various efforts to improve bilateral relations and cooperation were discussed on that occasion, including the signing of several agreements. (Dit.Infomed/Yo2k)

Source: Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs