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Indonesia Calls for World Attention for Palestinian Political Prisoners

Over 6,000 Palestinian people, including teenagers and women, have become political prisoners in Israeli. In response to the inhuman treatment suffered by the prisoners and the absence of legal certainty for them, the international communities are encouraged to actively participate in solving the problem.

During theA�A�16th Non-Aligned Movement Ministerial Meeting special segmentA�discussing Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israeli Jails and Detention Centers, today (05/27/2011) in Bali, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Dr. R.M. Marty M. Natalegawa,A�expressed Indonesiaa��s deep concern against injustice towards the political prisoners.

“This is a violation of the Geneva Conventions. The Indonesian government views the issue of Palestinian political prisoners as one of the central issues in resolving the Palestinian problem,” Marty said in his speech.

He added that international communities should call for Israel to abide by the Geneva Convention that regulates the civilian protection during a state of war or occupation without any pre condition.A�Marty also conveyed the calls for international communities to strengthen their support for Palestinian people’s struggles in resolving the political prisoner issue.

Besides Indonesia, a number of parties, namely Egypt (as the Chairman of NAM), Senegal (as the head of the UN Committee on the Rights of Palestinians) and representatives from the OIC and the Arab League, also submitted their statements during the meeting.

In general, they conveyed calls for Israel to end their imprisonment and release those political prisoners.

NAM is expected to strengthen its support for any international effort in resolving the issue of political prisoners.

Proposing a Declaration

The meeting produced a declaration concerning Palestinian political prisoners that will be proposed at the Ministerial Plenary Meeting today. “The NAM Ministers are expected to evaluate and ratify the declaration,” Marty said before closing the special segment meeting.

In accordance with the objectives of the special segment, the declaration that will be ratified contains a message of NAM to increase international awareness towards the issue of Palestinian political prisoners.

The declaration also conveys a message concerning the need for international and the UN support toward Palestinian efforts to restore the rights of political prisoners. International communities are asked to use all mechanisms available to ensure the compliance of Israel with the prevailing international laws.A�(Dit. Sosbud and OINB / DIT. Infomed/Yo2k)

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