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President: NAM has to Stride Forward

This is the perfect timing for the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) it its fiftieth year to continue striding forward; not only with confidence and courage, but also with a a�?win-win worldviewa��. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono conveyed this idea as he opened the 16th Ministerial Conference of the NAM in Bali this morning (May 25, 2011).

To be able to go forward, NAM should have a new vision and approach, to make it possible for NAM to fight for peace, justice, and prosperity in the 21st century.

President Yudhoyono said that there were three proactive measures that needed to be taken to implement the vision. Firstly, NAM can be a contributor for the culture of peace and global security. NAM has to push the worlda��s main powers to maintain an international relation that is cooperative and stable.

a�?Encourage all of the nations to solve conflicts and disputes through dialogues, negotiations, and peaceful measures,a�? he said. He believed NAM should strengthen its efforts in reforming the global management, both in security and economy, similar to the UN Security Council and General Assembly.

Secondly, President Yudhoyono suggested NAM should be able to be the contributor towards the development of politics as well as the improvement of democracy and good governance. Therefore, it is necessary for NAM to open dialogues with the media, business community, NGOs, and academic community in the global, regional, and national levels. a�?We have to listen to the views and aspirations of all the stakeholders, so that we can give a good response for the publica��s demands,a�? he said.

Thirdly, NAM should be a contributor for a fair global prosperity. There should not be any countries left behind in the global prosperity. NAM should answer the economic challenges to develop an effective global economic partnership. NAM should also cooperate in developing and sharing technological innovations that are needed by the developing world.

The implementation of the aforementioned measures, according to President Yudhoyono, should be done in line with the values and principles of NAM as stated in the Bandung Charter and the UN Charter.

The President expressed his belief that by firmly upholding the values and principles, the countries can manage to form NAM that will continue to stride forward for the next 50 years.

Five Documents

Indonesiaa��s Foreign Minister, Marty M. Natalegawa in his speech during the opening session of the conference conveyed that in this conference, the Ministers of the member countries would share their views in the NAMa��s contributions for the next 50 years.

The contributions will be directed to create a better world, a world in which its people may enjoy peace, prosperity, and justice.

Minister Natalegawa added that the views of the NAM Ministers would be summarized in 5 documents that will be ratified at the end of the meetings. Those five documents are the Final Document, the NAMa��s 50 Year Commemoration Document, two declarations on Palestine and Palestinian political prisoners, as well as a statement on the total reduction of nuclear weapons.

The Minister also stated that there were 120 member countries attending the Ministerial Conference, including two new members Azerbaijan and Fiji. The presence of a lot of members reflected the relevance of NAM amidst international community. It also, according to Natalegawa, showed the strength of the relationship between the member countries.

The presence of observer countries, guests, and international organizations reflected NAMa��s readiness to cooperate with its partners in answering numerous global issues through a multilateral platform.

a�?The number of countries attending the meeting also confirmed the importance of NAM for the member countries to respond the challenges and opportunities of the day,a�? said Natalegawa.

Egypta��s Foreign Minister, Dr. NabilAbdalla El Araby, as the Co-Chair of NAMa��s Ministerial Conference also gave his speech in the opening session. He underlined the necessity of using the momentum of commemorating the 50th anniversary of NAM to put together a joint vision of the worlda��s largest political movement in solving numerous global challenges.

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