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ASEAN-Canada to Strengthen Prioritized Cooperation

ASEAN and Canada agreed to reinforce cooperation in capacity building, human resources, education, technology, connectivity and cross-border management, which become priorities ofA�Plan of Action to Implement the ASEAN-Canada Enhanced Partnership 2010-2015. It was decided inA�The 8th ASEAN a�� Canada Dialogue, held for two days (June 2-3, 2011) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 8th ASEAN a�� Canada DialogueA�was co-chaired by the Head of SOM Thailand as the country-coordinator and Canada, represented byA�Assistant Deputy Minister, Asia and Chief Trade Commisioner, DFAIT and high officials of all ASEAN countries, delegations of Canada and ASEAN Secretariat representatives. The delegations of the Republic of Indonesia were led by the Secretary to the Director-General of ASEAN Cooperation with Indonesian Ambassador to Ottawa.

The meeting discussed ASEAN current development, namely the 18th ASEAN Summit; Review of ASEAN-Canada cooperation, including the plan of Canada access to the third protocol-Treaty of Amity and Cooperation (TAC) and joint declaration regarding trade and investment cooperation; exchanging views regarding regional and global issues, including regional architecture, disaster management and food and energy security, and also the preparation of ASEAN PMC 10+1 with Canada in Bali, July 2011.

The meeting also agreed on program/event proposals in the commemoration of the 35th year of ASEAN-Canada in 2012.

As side events ofA�The 8th ASEAN a�� Canada Dialogue, there were also back-to-back activities ofA�Track 1.5a��Informal Discussion on ASEAN-Canada Cooperationdiscussing the main issues: connectivity, cooperation in education and the prospect of ASEAN-Canada relations. The activity was facilitated by the Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF) to identify topics for the following Track 2, by intensive communication between the government and the think-tank.

ASEAN Outreach

A day beforeA�The 8th ASEAN a�� Canada Dialogue, the Indonesian delegates had participated in a discussion with APF initiated by the Consulate General of Indonesia (KJRI) to Vancouver. In the discussion, the Secretary to the Director-General of ASEAN Cooperation presented a�?Indonesiaa��s Chairmanship of ASEAN and the Outcomes of the 18th ASEAN Summita�?. Moreover, East Asia Summit/EAS was presented by the Director of Dialogue-Partner and Inter-Regional Cooperation (MWAK).

During the discussion, several issues were discussed and got the attention of the participants, namely internal and external impact for regional stability, the plan of establishing an ASEAN institution of peace and reconciliation, the prospect of ASEAN Connectivity, the implications of ASEAN membership expansion, and other related issues concerning the establishment of ASEAN Community in 2015.

As a part of socialization to the people, the Indonesian delegates along with the Indonesian ambassador to Ottawa met Indonesians in Vancouver and around in KJRI Vancoucer to inform the progress of Indonesian Chairmanship for ASEAN, the results of the 18th ASEAN Summit and the Cooperation of ASEAN with its Dialogue-Partner (source: KJRI Vancouver)

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