Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia
Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
Ambassade de la RÉpublique d'Indonésie

Press Release: Precautionary Advice to Internet Transaction Users

Individuals or companies that are conducting business transactions on the internet (internet transaction users) with Indonesian companies or individuals are advised to exercise extreme caution to avoid falling victim to internet fraud.

To minimize the risk of deceptive internet business dealings, all internet transactions users (Indonesians or foreigners) intending to carry out business contracts with Indonesian individuals or companies outside of the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia are recommendedA� to select services provided by individuals or companies that are registered using an IndonesianA�domain address, with an extensionA� a�?ida�?.A� The Indonesian domain names are registered with the Indonesian Management of Domain Names and Addresses, PANDI (Pengelola Nama Domain Internet Indonesia), that has duly verified the identity of individuals or businesses that own the domain addresses.

Prior to carrying out business on the internet, internet transaction users are advised to contact the Indonesian Embassy to verify the identity of the individual(s) or business(es) offering the services.

Internet transaction users should report fraudulent activities to the Indonesian National Police,A� and/or the Information and Electronic Transactions Investigation Office of the Indonesian Civil Employees,A� Directorate of Information Security, Ministry of Communication and Information, Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No. 9, Jakarta Pusat 10110, Tel. 62 21 384 5786 / 62 21 3319 7177, Fax. 62 21 384 5786.