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ASEAN Flag Raising Ceremony at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Ottawa

On the 44th Anniversary of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), 8th August 2011, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Ottawa raised the ASEAN Flag alongside the national flag. It is in accordance with the Guidelines of the Use of ASEAN Flag that has been adopted at the 8th ASEAN Coordinating Council, Jakarta, Indonesia, 6th May 2011. To implement the said guidelines, the flag raising ceremony was also conducted in various part of the world by ASEAN Member States and their Diplomatic and Consular Missions.

Since the establishment of the ASEAN in 1967, the regional organization has been growing stronger and plays a significant role in the region. After the entry into force of the ASEAN Charter in 2009 and the adoption of the Roadmap of the ASEAN Community 2009-2015, many activities have been undertaken to the achievement of the ASEAN Community by 2015 through the implementation of the ASEAN Community blueprints and new initiatives such as the ASEAN Connectivity and ASEAN Community in a Global Community of Nations that become the theme of Indonesiaa��s Chairmanship in 2011.

The ASEAN Flag is a symbol of the Member Statesa�� unity and support for the principles and endeavours of ASEAN and is a means to promote greater ASEAN awareness and solidarity. It represents a stable, peaceful, united and dynamic ASEAN.

The colours of the Flag a�� blue, red, white and yellow a�� represent the principal colours of the flags of all the ASEAN Member States. The blue represents peace and stability. Red depicts courage and dynamism, white shows purity and yellow symbolizes prosperity. The stalks of padi in the centre of the Emblem represent the dream of ASEAN’s Founding Fathers for an ASEAN comprising all the countries in Southeast Asia, bound together in friendship and solidarity. The circle represents the unity of ASEAN.

To celebrate this historic moment, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Ottawa will hold an official flag raising ceremony on August 18, 2011. This ceremony will be attended by the heads of missions of ASEAN member states in Ottawa, officials of DFAIT, representatives from the Parliament, Indonesian society in Ottawa and the media. As mentioned by the President of the Republic Indonesia at the Lecture on the occasion of the 44th Anniversary of ASEAN on 8th August 2011 in ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta, a�?We must therefore take our place at the vanguard of history. We must become what we have envisioned to be: not just an ASEAN Community, but also an ASEAN Community with a well-earned place in the community of nationsa�?.

Ottawa, A�August 15, 2011