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Indonesia to Receive Billions of Dollars in Investments

Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan says Indonesia will receive billions of US dollars in foreign investment.

a�?I think the number could be in the tens of billions of US dollars,a�? he said Wednesday as quoted by

He explained that there would be three large investment flows to Indonesia, including from South Korea, which would be the biggest investor.

a�?Korean-based company Posco Sajau will invest US$6 billion, Lotte $6 billion and Handcock $1.5 billion,a�? he said.

Gita said that other investments would come from India, the United States and Australia.

He said there would be about 100 Australian delegations attending the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit and that it would invest about $1 billion in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, he said, Japan would invest in the automotive industry and Russia would invest in the transportation, commodities and infrastructure industries.