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Central Statistic Agency reports 0.34% inflation rate in November

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) announced on Thursday 01/12/2011 that the November inflation rate touched 0.34 percent, mainly triggered by surging gold prices.

The BPS deputy for distribution and service statistics, Djamal, said gold prices were up 0.11 percent last month.

He added the inflation rate between January and November totaled 3.2 percent.

a�?If it doesn’t exceed 0.92 percent in December, then the inflation rate by the end of the year can be lower than 4.15 percent,a�? Djamal said during a press conference at the BPS headquarters in Jakarta.

Bank Indonesia Governor Darmin Nasution earlier predicted that the rate would only reach 4 percent by year-end, and added that the central bank was targeting the figure to rise slightly to 4.5 percent next year.

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