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Indonesia`s Commitment To Enhance Civil Aviation Security

Indonesia's Vice Minister for Transportation, Dr. Bambang Susantono, presented Indonesian Working Paper at the High Level Conference on Aviation Security in Montreal, Canada, 12-14 September 2012

The Delegation of theA� Republic Indonesia, headed by A�Vice Minister for Transportation, Dr. Bambang Susantono, attended the High-level Conference on Aviation Security held inA� the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Headquarters, in Montreal, Canada on12-14 September 2012.

In line with the aims of the Conference to reach global consensus and formulate recommendations on key aviation security priorities and issues to address current and emerging threats to civil aviation, A�Indonesia continues its commitments to enhance civil aviation security, by presenting to the Conference three Working Papers: (1) Carriage of Liquids, Aerosols and Gels in Hand Luggage, (2) Air Cargo and Mail Screening Process Implemented by Regulated Agent inA� Indonesia, (3) Combating the Insiders ThreatA� at Airports in Indonesia; as well as three Information Paper, namely (1) Aviation Security Development in Indonesia, (2) Aviation Security Training in Indonesia, (3) In-Flight Security Officer.

Civil aviation is the backbone of Indonesian connectivity due to its condition Indonesia, as the largest archipelagic State. Indonesia is posed to common and additional security risks due to its particular location in the South East Asia region. In this situation, Indonesia will keep on strengthening its policies on civil aviation security to safeguard civil aviation from the acts of unlawful interference.

Meeting between Wamenub RI, Dr. Bambang Susantono, accompanied by Indonesia's Ambassador for Kanada, Dr. Dienne H. Moehario, and Deputy Minister of Safety and Security, Ministry of Transportation Canada, Mr. Gerald McDonald at the High Level Conference on Aviation Security in Montreal, Canada, 12-14 September 2012

As the civil aviation is now facing new threat such as terrorism, aircraft theft and drug trafficking, Indonesia requests ICAO Member States to address those issues by amending Annex 17 of the International Civil Aviation 1944, harmonising the regulations of each States, increasing cooperation between States, and enhancing the capacity building.

With regard to addressing the issue of the insider threat, ICAO Member States fully recognized that the insider threat is real. Together with other ICAO Member States, Indonesia agrees to revise Annex 17 in due course.

The air cargo transportation continues to be at risk due to the advance of terrorism. Indonesia along with other ICAO Member States believed that close coordination is of importance to solve this issue. Indonesia joints all ICAO Member States to adopt new Standard and Recommended Practices to enhance the air cargo security.

Indonesia also emphasized the importance of enhancing capacity building to mitigate all forms of threats.A� In 2012, Indonesia joined the Developing Countries Training Programme of ICAO. Indonesia welcomes and invites member States of ICAO to joint this training Programme and this year, 60 fellowships are available for these candidates who qualifies to follow the program.

Indonesia emphasized its commitment and consistency to enhance cooperation and to play active role in the ICAO. A�Indonesia will stand for election to the ICAO Council Part III for the period 2013-2016 with the aim to increase its contribution in creating a better aviation security in the world.A�(Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Ottawa/CM).