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Indonesia Commits to Public Consultation Towards Good Regulating Practices

Jakarta (Antara News) – Indonesia during current APEC Senior Officials` Meeting (SOM) here has expressed its commitment to conducting public consultation towards good regulating practices.

Assistant Deputy of Economic Cooperation and Regional Finance of the Coordinating Ministry of Economy Huda Bahweres said here on Monday that Indonesia has not been considered yet as a country that includes public aspirations in the policy making among APEC countries.

“The public consultation is one of several APEC recommendations for Indonesia towards strengthening good regulating practices,” she said.

But, Bahweres noted the public consultation was the most recommended by the APEC SOM forum as the interest of community who will be directly related to the policy made.

“The public consultation will make possible for the public to share their aspiration about the regulation and get involved in the policy making process,” she said.

According to the The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the public consultation during the rule making process would increase civil obedience and participation in the regulatory reform.

Nevertheless, Bahweres said the APEC recommendations were more addressed on the economic policy as the organization`s focus of cooperation are economy, trade and investment.

“But overall, the recommendations are related to all sectors regarding policy making in Indonesia,” she said.

The other APEC recommendations for Indonesia towards good regulating practices were coordination among all stakeholders of the policy regulation and cost benefit analysis as the regulating impact assessment.

“Indonesia has started to make a draft guideline to implement those recommendations and we have moral obligation to report the progress to APEC forum by the end of 2015,” said Bahweres

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