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Diplomatic Reception Commemorating the 68th Anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia

Ambassador Dienne H. Moehario welcomes Mr. Peter McGovern

The Embassy of Indonesia in Ottawa convened a diplomatic reception at the Ambassadora��s Residence on 19 August 2013, to commemorate the 68th Anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. Diplomats, government officials, Senators, Members of Parliaments, member of think tank institutions, academicians and the business communities attended the Reception. The Guest of Honour was Senator Victor Oh (Member of the Canada-Indonesia Parliamentary Friendship Group (CIPFG)) and among the guests were Mr. Peter McGovern (Assistant Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada for International Business Development, Innovation and Asia/Chief Trade Commissioner), Senator Than Hai Ngo (Member of CIPFG) and Mr. Julang Pujianto (Consul General of Indonesia in Toronto).

Ambassador Dienne H. Moehario with the Guest of Honour, Senator Victor Oh

In her remarks, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Canada, Dienne H. Moehario stressed that Indonesia and Canada will hold the 3rd Bilateral Consultative Forum on 23 August 2013, lead by Foreign Ministers of both countries, which is expected to tap the vast potentials between the two countries. She also emphasized that Canada supported Indonesiaa��s struggle for independence, which was proclaimed on August 17th, 1945, and international recognition. Senator Victor Oh echoed the spirit of friendship between Indonesia and Canada since the formera��s Independence and the strong will of both countries to increase and develop cooperation.

Indonesian children solemnly sang the national anthems 'Indonesia Raya' and 'O Canada'

At the reception, the national anthems of Indonesia (Indonesia Raya) and Canada (O Canada) were sung solemnly by a group of Indonesian children. A�The Embassy and several Indonesian students in Ottawa also presented a Javanese traditional music ensemble (Gamelan), Rantak Dance from West Sumatera and Saman Dance from Aceh.

The guests enjoyed the Indonesian savory cuisine such as fried rice, satay and layered cake, amidst A�the beautiful view of the Ottawa River from the garden of the Ambassadora��s Residence. (SM/Indonesian Embassy)