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Indonesian Economy to Grow by Six Percent in 2014: VP

Jakarta (Antara News) – Vice President Boediono expressed optimism that the Indonesian economy will grow by five to six percent in 2014, with controllable inflation and an improved food price index.

“I am optimistic about the economic growth next year, but we need to maintain a balance between economic stability and growth,” Boediono told several journalists and foreign diplomats at the Jakarta Foreign Correspondence Club on Monday.

The vice president forecast that the rupiah will become stable in 2014, amidst a stronger and tighter monetary situation.

Boediono noted that by the end of 2013, the inflation rate is predicted to reach eight percent or more, as compared to the national average figure of four to five percent noted in the last few years.

“The eight percent inflation rate is triggered by several factors, including hikes in fuel oil prices and the rise in prices of non-rice food products,” he added.

Laying focus on economic growth and stability, the vice president stated that Indonesia is perceived by the international community as a country with good economic growth.

Source :, Tuesday, December 17 2013.