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Indonesia Has Come Out of Difficult Times: Finance Minister

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Indonesias economy has already emerged out of a difficult time caused by domestic factors and global economic fluctuations after a number of policies were issued to tackle the problems, stated Finance Minister Chatib Basri.

“The current account deficit and inflation rate have reduced, while the rupiah exchange rate has shown a rising trend, and the economic growth remains quite high,” he noted in a press statement at the Indonesian Embassy in Australia, received here on Friday.

Chatib Basri issued the statement while delivering a general lecture at the Australian National University in Canberra, which was attended by more than 200 people.

Apart from this achievement, the minister emphasized that in the long term, Indonesia must take serious efforts to improve its human resources, infrastructure, and state institutions in order to transform itself from a middle-income to an advanced country.

With regard to the countrys relations with Australia, he remarked that the two countries have a huge potential to build economic partnership and play an important role in the world economy.

The minister noted that Indonesia still needs to invest in the field of human resource development in order to boost economic transformation.

“Human resources, infrastructure, and institutional improvement are three key areas, which have to be addressed to assure continued growth,” he claimed.

Chatib Basri is in Australia to attend the meeting of the finance minister and central bankers of the G-20 countries scheduled to be held in Sydney, on February 22-23.

At the lecture organized by the Indonesian Embassy, the minister shed light on the progress achieved in various areas by the country and also responded to queries raised on various latest economic issues.

Source :, Saturday, February 22 2014