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Indonesian Government Wants to Speed up Railway Construction in S. Sumatra

Palembang (ANTARA News) – The Indonesian central government wants to speed up implementation of project to build double rail track in southern Sumatra.

The railway project mainly for the transport of coal from Tanjung Enim to the seaport of Tanjung Api-api in South Sumatra has long been delayed.

Implementation of the project would be facilitated by simplifying the licensing procedure, head of investment division of the railway directorate general Prasetyo B told reporters before a meeting with South Sumatra Governor Alex Noerdin here on Tuesday.

Prasetyo said the government encourages immediate implementation of the project to facilitate coal transport.

State-owned coal producer Bukit Asam has a large coal mine in Tanjung Enim, but transport problem has been a big hurdle in its plan to increase production.

Prasetyo said there have been a number of investors interested in carrying out the project but agreement have yet to be reached.

He said investors are required to cooperate with the provincial administration or a state company.

He said there is no regulatory restriction , adding the government is ready to help remove any hurdles.

Source :, Tuesday, March 25 2014