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S. Sulawesi’s Tuna Sold in European Markets

Makassar, South Sulawesi (ANTARA News) – At least five thousand tons of tuna are annually shipped from the Paotere fishing port in South Sulawesi Province to the seafood markets in Europe, the port authority stated here on Friday.

One ton of tuna was sold at US$5 thousand by local exporters to the seafood markets in European countries such as Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Italy, noted Abbas, the head of South Sulawesi Provinces Paotere fishing port.

“Our exporters send about 400 to 500 tons of tuna a month to those markets, thanks to the sufficient availability of stocks,” he claimed.

The tuna stocks available in Paotere fishing port were supplied by fishermen in South Sulawesi and the neighboring provinces of West Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi, Abbas remarked.

Without the additional supplies from the two provinces, Paotere fishing port cannot meet the overseas market demands, he noted, adding that the exported tuna meets the Marine Stewardship Councils (MSCs) certified sustainable seafood standards.

Source:, Friday, June 27 2014