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Transportation Ministry to Open 4 Short Sea Ports in January

Jakarta. The Transportation Ministry announced on Thursday that four new short sea shipping ports wouldA�openA�no later than January, adding that the Indonesian government would seek to create incentives in order to reduce shipping costs.

Short sea shipping, sometimes called marine highways, is short-haul shipping that typically follows coastlines rather than longer-distance routes crossing oceans.

a�?We already have the ports so therea��s no need to build a new one,a�? said Bobby Mamahit, the director general for sea transportation at the ministry.a�?

The four ports areA�at Panjang in Lampung, Marunda in Jakarta, Kendal in Central Java and Paciran in East Java.

a�?[Short sea] vessels dona��t require docks longer than 150 meters. but wea��ve prepared docks that are 200 meters long,a�? Bobby said.

In addition to emphasizing that the infrastructure would be ready to handle the allocated volume of shipping, Bobby said that the government was continuing to look at driving down costs for shipping firms.

a�?We can provide incentives. Reducing costs at the ports, for instance,a�? Bobby said. a�?The government must support new programs like this so that there wona��t be any hurdles and they can be realized immediately.a�?

Short sea shipping is a key part of President Joko Widodoa��s loosely defined maritime doctrine. The government plans to create a more structured marine highway across the archipelago. It hopes the maritime highway will drive down logistics costs in Indonesia, where businesses typically have to pay double to deliver a product over the average in Malaysia.

Source :, Thursday 11 December 2014