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Cockpit Voice Recorder already Lifted: Minister

Pangkalan Bun, C Kalimantan (ANTARA News) – The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) of the doomed AirAsia QZ8501 has already been lifted, Transportation Minister Ignasius Jonan stated here on Tuesday.

It is yet to be confirmed by the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) whether the retrieved CVR actually belongs to the AirAsia QZ8501 aircraft.

“Therefore, it would be taken here to have its serial number checked,” the minister remarked before leaving the Iskandar Air Force Base and heading to Panglima Utar seaport in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan.

He noted that the CVR had been retrieved from the seabed, but it did not automatically mean that it belonged to the AirAsia QZ8501 aircraft as its “DNA” had yet be identified.

Earlier, the Indonesian navy divers were able to lift the flight data recorder (FDR) of AirAsia QZ8501 aircraft that stores information about the flight.

The device has already been sent to the office of KNKT for analysis.

KNKT Chief Tatang Kurniadi revealed that it would take a lot of time to read and analyze the data from the black box to unearth the cause of the AirAsia QZ8501 crash.

He said it would take only two or three days to download the contents of the FDR, but a lot of time would be needed to read the data. Moreover, the analysis of the data must also be carried out in the presence of investigators from several countries linked to the plane and victims. The investigators are yet to arrive.

The FDR will be opened in Jakarta if the witnesses are ready, including accredited representatives from Airbus, Singapore, and other countries that are linked to the plane and victims, he affirmed.

“It is also possible that the representatives from the TNI (military) Headquarters and the ministry of transportation may be invited to ensure that the device is really opened here and whether or not the result is good. It will be checked together,” he stated.

He said the FDR had been received in good condition, but the results of the contained data will be determined by the information stored in the device while reiterating that the black box will be opened in Indonesia.

Tatang earlier noted that four countries were involved in the search and investigation of the black box, including the countries where the plane was designed and manufactured as well as where the jet crashed and the countries to which the victims belonged.

Source :, Tuesday 13 January 2015