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N. Sulawesi`s Mace Exports Continue to Gain Popularity

Manado (ANTARA News) – Mace, which is the flower of nutmeg, from North Sulawesi continues to be exported to the Netherlands, with as many as 20 tons being exported in the second week of January.

“The exports contributed US$262,500 to the states foreign exchange,” Head of Industry and Commerce of North Sulawesi province Jenny Karouw said on Saturday.

According to the official, the exported mace is sourced from the Sitaro Islands, Sangihe Islands, and Talaud Islands districts.

The product is in great demand by the Dutch as it can be used as spices, for aroma therapy, and as pharmaceutical raw material. In various societies, mace is widely used as a spice because of its distinctive taste.

Furthermore, mace is also popular in other communities in Asia, America and Africa.

“The popularity is reflected in the growing export demand from various countries, which proves that the quality of the product from this area is quite high,” said Karouw.

This trend should be used by farmers to boost the crops production and to produce nutmeg of high quality in order to increase the popularity of the product globally, she noted.

Source :, Saturday 17 January 2015