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Panasonic Eyes Rp 1t for Indonesiaa��s Lamp Market in 2018

Jakarta. Panasonic, the Japanese electronics giant, seeks to quadruple its lamp sales in Indonesia by the end of 2018, betting on rising demand from the countrya��s retail consumers and increase in building projects.

The company forecast its lamp sales to reach Rp 1 trillion ($80 million) over the next three years, from Rp 240 billion in 2013, said Yoshihide Nagano, the president of Panasonic Gobel Eco Solutions Sales Indonesia, last week.

Nagano projects lamp sales in Indonesia to reach Rp 13 trillion in 2018, with LED lamps to account for 70 percent of total sales. The company is competing with Phillips of the Netherlands as well asA� many local companies for the LED lamp market.

Panasonic installed last week LED floodlights to shine on the Prambanan temple, a Hindu temple in Yogyakarta, in a move that would reduce the electric bill by 30 percent, compared to the previous halogen floodlamps.

Source :, Monday 5 January 2015