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JCI rises 0.18%, sets a new record high at Fridaya��s close

The Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) closed on a positive note on Friday, climbing by 0.18 percent to finish at 5,400.1, touching a record high mark.

Shares of the LQ45 index, in addition, rose by 0.07 percent to 941.11 basis points by 4 p.m. on Friday, reported.

PT Valbury Asia Asset Management investment director Andreas Yasakasih said that the new record was supported by the flow of foreign capital to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) between the midday and closing trading sessions.

a�?Indonesian economic fundamentals are healthy, thus investors are interested in the countrya��s long term investment opportunities, helping the growth of the JCI in the closing trade,a�? Andreas said as quoted by

Based on the IDX data, the foreign investors booked a net buy of Rp 886.11 billion (US$69.11 million) throughout Friday.

It also revealed that the total volume of trade between the lunchtime and final trading sessions involved 4.17 billion stocks worth Rp 4.43 trillion ($345.54 million).

As many as 158 stocks strengthened in the market while 125 stocks weakened and 112 stocks remained unchanged.

Meanwhile in the regional markets, Indiaa��s Sensex Bombay and Malaysiaa��s FTSE fell by 0.39 percent and 0.12 percent, respectively.

Japana��s Nikkei, however, rose by 0.37 percent in Fridaya��s closing trade.

Source :, Friday 20 February 2015