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Papua to implement one-stop service system for investors

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) – The Integrated Permission and Investment Board of Papua administration will implement a one-stop service system for investors, John Way, the head of board, stated here on Monday.

“We will implement the system this year. The system allows investors to get license permits through a one-door service system,” he revealed.

John pointed out that in 2014, hundreds of permit letters were received based on the governors decision.

“We have processed about 203 permit proposals in 2014,” he noted, adding that in 2015, the board targets to issue 90 permits.

Earlier, the president has earmarked 2016 as the year of investment.

“This is our duty to implement and realize the one-stop service,” John said.

He explained that there has been rapid development in Papua, especially in the infrastructure and investment sectors.

Source :, Monday 2 February 2015 2