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RIa��s trade balance books surplus in January

Indonesia’s trade balance booked a surplus of US$709.4 million in January driven by softer oil imports, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) announced on Monday.

Imports slid by 15.59 percent to $12.59 billion on a yearly basis with the deficit from refined oil imports shrinking to $1.15 billion, nearly half the amount of the same month last year.

Monthly exports declined by 8.09 percent to $13.3 billion from last year with the surplus rising from $604.9 million to $748 million.

“We hope the surplus we recorded in the first month [of the year] will continue throughout 2015,” BPS chief Suryamin said in a press conference.

In recent years, Indonesia has struggled to curb the trade gap, which has caused a significant deficit in its current account and has put pressure on its local currency.

Source, Monday 16 February 2015