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Trade ministry takes four steps to stabilize basic commodity prices

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Indonesian Trade Ministry is taking four concrete steps to return basic commodity prices to an ideal level in the wake of fuel price decline, Director General of Domestic Trade Srie Agustina said.

“The steps are taken to stabilize prices and adjust prices to the decline in the prices of fuel oils,” she said here on Sunday.

The first step is instructing all associations of traders and distributors as well as regional governments to adjust basic commodity prices to the decline in the prices of fuel oils, she said.

“We have checked the market and several associations including association of retailers have lowered the prices of basic commodities,” she said.

The second step is issuing a regulation to allow producers to receive fair income from the prices of basic commodities while at the same time consumers can afford to buy the commodities, she said.

“In this regard, we will issue a regulation among others to set and control the stocks of basic commodities,” she said.

The third step is ensuring efficient distribution of basic commodities in cooperation with other stakeholders including the transportation ministry, she said.

Now that nearly 70 percent of basic commodities is distributed by trucks, the trade ministry will encourage distributors to use trains, she said.

The fourth step is conducting an impromptu inspection of warehouses to prevent them from capitalizing on the current situation, she said.

“If the owners of warehouses are found hoarding goods to reap high profit by selling the goods when the prices are high the warehouses will be shut down and their owners will be fined up to Rp2 billion,” she said.

She said the trade ministry will intensively coordinate with other relevant agencies to stabilize the prices of basic commodities.

Sumber :, Sunday 1 February 2015