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President Jokowi calls for more tourism promotions

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has urged for an increase in tourism promotional activities to attract more foreign and domestic tourists.

“The president has asked the minister of tourism to maximize the countrys tourism promotional activities to attract more foreign tourists to Indonesia,” Chief of the Presidential Communications Team Teten Masduki said in a press statement here on Wednesday.

While chairing a limited cabinet meeting at the Presidential Office, President Jokowi stated that the slowdown of the national economy should be countered with a rise in the number of tourist arrivals so it can support the national economy.

“Even with slow economic growth, the tourism sector could contribute to foreign exchange in a relatively short time,” the president was quoted as saying.

To increase foreign tourist visits, the president issued Presidential Decree Number 69/2015 on free visa travel. However, according to the head of state, other breakthroughs are still needed to raise foreign tourist arrivals and to earn fresh funds.

Source:, Wednesday 24 June 2015