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Indonesia launches three-hour investment permit issuance service

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) here on Friday made public a regulation to assure issuance of investment principle permits within three hours.

Head of BKPM Franky Sibarani said in a written statement that the regulation was the first step in the implementation of the new service, as part of the second deregulation package issued by the government recently.

“After the issuance of the regulation, BKPM will recruit a notary public and make other technical preparations. We hope within two weeks investors would be able to fully enjoy the service,” he said.

Franky added that with the three-hour investment service, BKPM would now have two kinds of investment permit services, the other being an online service.

He said, based on the three-hour service, that investors could obtain an investment permit, company certificate and taxpayer number within three hours.

In view of that, investors who wish to use the service must personally come to the one-stop service center at BKPM, as their signatures would be needed in their company certificates.

“Under the current regular system, investors obtain a principle permit within three days. The company certificates and taxpayer number (NPWP) are processed separately, unlike in the new three-hour service, which is carried out in one location at the one-stop service center,” he said.

He noted that the three-hour service is aimed at projects worth minimally Rp100 billion or projects that employ a minimum of 1,000 workers.

He said BKPM is committed to assure that investments in Indonesia would benefit employment in the country.

“Elasticity of our manpower has declined from 450,000 workers per one percent growth in 2004 to only 160,000 in 2014. The hope is that through this breakthrough, investors interests will rise in creating large investment projects that absorb much employment in the country,” he said.

BKPM’s deputy for investment service, Lestari Indah, said investors who have investment permits could directly carry out construction if the locations of their projects are within industrial zones that have been determined by BKPM.

Investors in the zone need not wait for construction permits, as their process is parallel with the construction process itself.

The long process of permit issuance has been one of the issues investors have often complained of. In stages, BKPM has improved the process by, among other ideas, implementing a one-stop service and simplifying procedures.

Source:, Friday 2 October 2015