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Economy in brief: Government to form national promotion board

The government plans to form a national promotion board to integrate all promotional activities carried out by government institutions.

Trade Minister Thomas Lembong said in Jakarta on Monday that President Joko a�?Jokowia�? Widodo had instructed his ministry to create such a board to reduce inefficient promotional spending from government institutions.

a�?Each of the 19 ministries here has its own promotional budget so therea��s a huge fragmentation going on,a�? he said during the Indonesian Employers Associationa��s (Apindo) CEO meeting in Jakarta on Monday.

The current separate budgets at each ministry would be moved to the new board, so there would be a huge budget for promotions and export boosts, he added.

He said his ministry was still preparing the branding for the national promotional board so that it would receive wide attention. Several countries have successfully carried out promotions through special and unique brands. Malaysia, for example, has branded itself with a�?Truly Asiaa�? and Peru a a�?Hidden Treasurea�?.

Source :, Tuesday, December 08 2015,