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Facility proposed for imports of capital goods by 85 investors

Bantaeng, S Sulawesi (ANTARA News) – Head of the Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Franky Sibarani proposed acceleration of customs administrative process for capital goods imported by 85 investors now about to enter the process of construction.

“We ask the Customs and Excise Office to speed up the flow of capital goods through the customs green lane imported by investors serious in implementing their projects.

Their imports of capital goods should be facilitated that they could start construction immediately,” Franky said here on Monday.

Franky was in this South Sulawesi city visiting the Bantaeng Industrial Estate.

He said BKPM has a program called “Geliat Investasi” (investment wriggling) monitoring investment projects entering the phase of construction.

Currently the Gelita Investasi has 80 companies in its monitor ready to start construction, but they need supports to get their capital goods out of the customs, he said.

He said there are many investment projects delayed in implementation and completion on difficulty in the process of imports of capital goods.

Not few investors were delayed because they have to go through the Customs red lane where goods are physically examined that take long time.

“(This process) is being processed. It is expected to be effective around January, 2016,” he said.

He said BKPM is verifying the list of capital goods for investment entitled to acceleration in customs process through green lane.

Source:, Monday 7 December 2015