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Country branding required to face competition era: President

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has emphasized that in this era of competition, every country must be able to create its branding.

“We need to handle positioning and branding and manage depreciation, as well as package all (exported) products in a way that creates the desired perception or image of our country,” the president stated at a coordinating meeting of ministries and government-owned companies public relations staff at the State Palace on Thursday.

Every state, including India and the United States, has been successful at creating its branding, President Jokowi affirmed.

Country branding is important to showcase the image of trade, tourism, and investment.

In order to support the image, the development of infrastructure and facilities needs to be accelerated.

On the occasion, President Jokowi urged the governments public relations staff to disseminate information on every program being implemented by the government among the people and foreigners.

“Not necessarily the good information, the people also have the right to know every case or problem occurring in the country,” the president stated.

Source:, 4 February 2016