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Jokowi offers investment opportunities in five areas to Hungarian businessmen

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is offering investment opportunities to Hungarian businessmen in the five areas of water management, renewable energy, information technology, digital economy, and agriculture.

President Jokowi received Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban at the state palace in Jakarta on Monday.

In a joint press statement with Prime Minister Orban, President Jokowi noted that several matters earlier discussed in the bilateral meeting needed to be materialized.

“Several discussed matters need to be materialized immediately, the first being water management,” stated the president.

Water management at several locations in Indonesia is one of the established areas of cooperation.

Besides this, cooperation in the field of renewable energy between the two countries needs to be intensified soon, the president pointed out.

“Indonesia welcomes Hungarian companies to invest in Central Tapanuli,” Jokowi emphasized.

Indonesia is also offering cooperation opportunities to Hungary in the fields of information technology, digital economy, and agriculture.

“We will realize these identified focus areas and expect enhanced bilateral cooperation in future,” Jokowi added.

President Jokowi also lauded Hungarian prime ministers visit to Indonesia, given that the event was the single overseas trip of the head of state.

Prime Minister Orban visited Indonesia with nearly the entire cabinet and 50 of the countrys businessmen.

“This reflects Hungarian commitment to strengthen relations between the two countries,” President Jokowi added.

Source:, 1 February 2016