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President urges strengthening on maritime policy

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo has urged the Maritime Coordinating Minister, Rizal Ramli, to come up with a strong marine policy that can be implemented immediately.

“The President has asked the ministry to formulate such a policy by next July,” Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung said here on Wednesday.

The government held a closed-door meeting, led by President Jokowi, which discussed efforts to strengthen the marine policy and fishery industry in Indonesia.
Anung added that the President also asked the related ministries to carry out a campaign to enhance consumption of fish, pushing it as an alternative to meat.

The government supported the program because fish does not attract any restrictions that are religious in nature.

Jokowi also discussed the need for various institutions to coordinate when it comes to handling illegal trade in marine resources.

Minister Ramli stressed that the government wanted to utilize maritime resources to improve peoples economic prosperity.

In order to improve the maritime sector, Ramli continued, the government will focus on seven components.

The first component will be to build a maritime culture. “We need a cultural transformation. Many Indonesian people have never boarded a ship,” Ramli argued.

The second component will deal with utilization of marine resources for peoples prosperity.

The next component will involve formulation of a policy to have sustainable maritime spatial planning.

The fourth component will be a policy on infrastructure development and inter-island connectivity to integrate all Indonesian regions.

The fifth component will be the development of education and technology related to maritime. The sixth aspect will be enhancing maritime diplomacy and the seventh will deal with regulation of maritime security aspects.

According to Ramli, the President also asked that the fishermens economic prosperity be improved.

The Indonesian government, informed Ramli, is also preparing to shift from diesel to gas when it comes to fishing vessels.
“The government will subsidize fuel conversion. We believe if the fishermen make the shift, they can save significantly,” Ramli opined.

Meanwhile, Minister Pudjiastuti disclosed that the Fishery and Maritime Ministry has issued a regulation as per which small fishing boat would not require a sailing permit.

Pudjiastuti underlines that the government will enforce the rules regarding foreign ships using fishing bombs.

Source:, 16 June 2016