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Indonesia aims to be the biggest military uniform exporter

Sritex workers carry out activities at the company's factory in Sukoharjo, Surakarta, in Central Java. (JP/Nani Afrida)

The country is embracing the opportunity to be one of the biggest exporters of military uniforms in the world, aiming for market expansion in Africa and the US.

a�?We are eyeingA� new markets in the USA�and African countries. They have big markets there,a�? Iwan Kurniawan, vice president of PT Sri Rezeki Isman, known as Sritex, toldA�The Jakarta Post during a visit to the Sritex factory, recently.

Sritex, a garment company in Sukoharjo, Surakarta, currently produces around 5 million militaryA�uniforms annually, of which around 1.5 millionA�are exported to 30A�countries around the globe.

Indonesia has more than 400,000 active military members.

a�?We have exported our products to 30 countries, including NATO. All orders are with certain specifications, for example, fire proof or bugA�proof. It depends on the clients,a�? Iwan said.

Besides fire and bug proof specifications, Sritex is also able to produce uniforms with chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear (CBRN) specifications, as well those that areA�infrared proof.

a�?Germany and Malaysia have ordered the CBRN uniform from us,a�? Iwan said.

Besides military uniforms, Sritex also produces military paraphernalia, including pockets for grenades and magazines as well as protectors for the elbow, knee and face.

Defense Ministry spokesperson Brig. Gen Djundan Eko Bintoro said just like any other strategic industry in Indonesia, Sritex hadA�given Indonesia a good name. He said being an exporter had proven that Indonesia could produce high-quality products. (evi)