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Indonesia generated US$19 million during Canton Fair

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Indonesia made potential transactions worth US$19 million during the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China, all credited to five Indonesian companies dealing in electronics and building materials.

“Electronic and building material products of Indonesia attracted international buyers,” said the Director General of the Trade Ministrys National Export Development division, Arlinda, in a press release received here on Tuesday.

Arlinda further stated that 80 percent of the total potential transactions during Canton Fair were for electronic products.

Other Indonesian products that generated significant potential transactions included wooden doors from PT Yooshin Indonesia, wood coatings from Bio Industries, various lamp products from PT Sinar Angkasa Rungkut, as well as wood and coconut flooring and panel from Golden Coco.

Some of the buyers, he continued, vouched that Indonesias wooden door products were of higher quality when compared to similar products from other countries, including China, Malaysia and Korea.

A number of consumers were interested in visiting the factories of Polytron and PT Yooshin Indonesia in Cikarang and Banten.

Meanwhile, Director of PT Yooshin Indonesia Ernest Tanzil said the exhibition gave an opportunity to introduce Indonesian construction materials to the international market.

“By participating in the 2016 Canton Fair, we are availing of a new market opportunity and introducing Indonesias products to the world,” he pointed out.

PT Yooshin Indonesia attracted potential buyers for wooden doors from Korea, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and India.

Paviliun Indonesia, which bears the theme Trade With Remarkable Indonesia, was visited by a thousand people from South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the United States.

Most business visitors to the 2016 Canton Fair came not only from China but the rest of the world.

The exhibition also allowed companies to establish partnerships and open a way for Indonesian products to enter the international market.(*)