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Jokowi Monitors 35,000mw Power Project

TEMPO.CO,A�Jakarta - President Joko a�?Jokowia�� Widodo continues to monitor the development of ongoing infrastructure projects.A�Coordinating Ministry for Maritime AffairsA�Luhut Pandjaitan said that the President asked him to find out the development of the 35,000 megawatts electric project. a�?Wea��re going to monitor everything. (As to) how many percent the progress is,a�? Luhut said onA�Thursday, October 27, 2016.

The Financial and Development Supervisory Agency will be present at the coordination meeting since the President asked for the explanation on the business side of the project, according to Luhut.

Other than the 35,000 megawatts electric project, Luhut added the Patimba Port project and the Jakarta-Surabaya high-speed train project will also be among the discussion. According to him, the government and the Japanese Embassy are in talks of the Patimban project. State officials can yet to be certain on the Petimban Port development schedule.

Luhut predicted that the 35,000 megawatts project will not be completed in 2019 as the government had planned. He said that the goal has been reduced to 20,000-25,000 megawatts.

President Director of PT PLN Sofyan Basir chose to be optimistic and said he has tried to reach the target of the 35,000 megawatts power.

Currently, PLN has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) for 18,000 megawatts from the total of 35,000A�megawatts.