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Modern agriculture development boosts production of 11 commodities: Minister

Agriculture Minister Amran Sulaiman has claimed the development of modern agriculture techniques and human resources, the two main priorities in Indonesiaa��s agriculture program, haveA�managed to boost the countrya��s agriculture production during President Joko “Jokowi” Widodoa��s first two years in office.

He said 11 out of 12 strategic commodities saw an increaseA�in yieldA�and only soybean had experienced a production decline due to weather-related problems.

Corn production rose by 21.8 percent, followed by rice (11.7 percent), onions (3.76 percent) and chilies (1.81 percent), while soy bean production declined by 7.2 percent, according to the ministry.

“We are no longer importing rice and onions. We even exportA�onions now. What the government has promised to its citizens is thatA�we will be able to be self-sufficientA�in four strategic commodities, chilies, onions, rice and corn,” Amran said in JakartaA�on Friday.

As of today, the minister saidA�the government had achieved its irrigation rehabilitation target ofA�3.2 million hectares and built 1,235A�reservoirs. The government also had providedA�180,000 units of agriculture machinery, which consisted of tractors, water pumps, combine harvesters and rice transplanters, he added.

Amran further explained the government had also distributed a Rp 58.6 trillion (US$4.49 billion) fertilizer subsidy and 527 organic fertilizer processing units. It had created 123,000 ha of new fields and optimized farming inA� a��a��945,000 ha of areas. The government had also granted agriculture insuranceA�to protect 373,000 ha of land fromA�crop failure risks. (ebf)

Source: Jakarta Post