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Indonesia records sharp export increase in November

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) recorded a sharp increase in exports in November 2016, up 21.34 percent from US$12.74 billion in October to $13.50 billion in November.

Deputy for Statistics Distribution and Services of BPS Sasmito Hadi Wibowo said the increase in exports by month was the highest since June 2015. In 2016, BPS recorded a gradual export rise in each month since January.

“The rise in exports is quite spectacular. It gives us an idea that international trade on the export side is improving,” Sasmito told a press conference here on Thursday.

The increase in exports was driven by rising exports of animal fats and vegetable oil, which reached $366.1 million, or 20.37 percent, followed by mineral fuels at $141.6 million and jewelry amounting to $87.3 million.

“CPO and its derivatives pushed up exports. The increase was due to increased volume despite slightly declining prices,” acknowledged Sasmito.

Non-oil exports to the Peoples Republic of China were the largest, reaching a value of $1.81 billion, followed by exports to the United States amounting to $1.33 billion and to Japan at $1.30 billion. The contribution of these three countries reached 35.84 percent of the total exports of Indonesia.

The cumulative value of Indonesian exports in January-November 2016 reached $130.65 billion, down 5.63 percent over the same period in 2015. Non-oil exports reached $118.80 billion, down 1.96 percent from 2015s figures.

By sector, non-oil exports of manufactured products in the same period fell 0.28 percent over the previous year. Exports of mining products and others fell 9.75 percent, while agricultural exports fell 10.48 percent.

By province of origin, the largest volume of Indonesian exports in January-November 2016 came from West Java, with a value of $23.43 billion, or 17.93 percent, followed by East Java at $16.91 billion, or 12.94 percent, and East Kalimantan at $12.57 billion, or 9.62 percent.(*)