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Indonesia records trade surplus of $837.8m in November 2016

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Indonesia recorded a surplus of US$837.8 million in its foreign trade in November 2016, with exports reaching $13.49 billion and imports standing at $12.65 billion, according to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS).

The November 2016 surplus was fueled by the non-oil/non-gas sector, which saw a surplus of $1.49 billion, while the oil/gas sector suffered a deficit of $656.7 million, BPS Deputy Chief for Distribution and Service Statistics Samito Hadi Wibowo told a press conference here on Thursday.

“The deficit was still caused by the oil/gas sector,” he noted.

The countrys non-oil/non-gas exports were valued at $12.39 billion in November 2016, while its non-oil/non-gas imports were recorded at $10.89 billion. Oil/gas exports touched $1.1 billion and oil/gas imports reached $1.7 billion.

Indonesias balance of trade recorded a deficit of $397.3 million in November 2015.

Cumulatively, the balance of trade enjoyed a surplus of $7.79 billion in the January-November 2016 period, with exports recorded at $130.65 billion and imports valued at $122.86 billion.

However, the balance of trade fell slightly by $7.83 billion compared with the same period last year.

Over the period, Indonesia recorded a surplus of $7.7 billion in its trade with the United States, $6.5 billion with India, and $2.2 billion with the Netherlands.

However, Indonesia suffered a deficit of $14.3 billion in its trade with China and $1.5 billion with Australia.(*)