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Indonesia’s homegrown cosmetics set to amplify campaign

From satay to rendang curry, rich and authentic dishes are part of the nationsa��s culinary appeal that keeps foreign tourists coming back.

But as the countrya��s tourism campaign intensifies, the worlda��s biggest archipelago is looking to homegrown cosmetics to lure more overseas visitors.

A new partnership between the Tourism Ministry and local cosmetic maker Martina Berto, part of the Martha Tilaar Group, is set to further boost the Wonderful Indonesia campaign in a bid to attract 20 million tourists by 2019, almost double this yeara��s target of 12 million.

Under the cooperation, the campaigna��s logo will adorn the firma��s well-known Sari Ayu products, including lipsticks and eye shadow sets. This follows an earlier move in which the logo was printed on 20 million Papatonk shrimp cracker bags shipped to China.

The most recent promotional effort aims to popularize Mandalika in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), one of 10 emerging destinations, as the firm also took inspiration for its new cosmetic products from Lombok, another famous tourist spot in the same province, according to Tourism Minister Arief Yahya.

The ministry has spent heavily on its overall promotional activities, including familiarization trips, festivals, travel exchanges and sales mission.

The hefty amount has also been channeled to emblazon the campaigna��s logo on food packaging, as well as 400 taxis and 10 buses in London, and to promote tourist destinations such as Borobudur Temple in Central Java.

It has earmarked Rp 2 trillion (US$150 million) out of its Rp 3.8 trillion budget next year, up slightly from Rp 1.7 trillion in the revised 2016 state budget.

a�?We are perhaps the countrya��s third-largest institutional spender that allocates a sizeable budget for promotion after tobacco and telecommunication companies,a�? Arief recently said.

Such a concerted effort is in line with the official target to push up its position to 30th place for country tourism on the World Economic Foruma��s 2019 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, up from 47th place in 2015, which was higher than neighbors Thailand and Malaysia.

Martina Berto president director Bryan Tilaar, who leads Marta Tilaara��s manufacturing and marketing subsidiary, said the companya��s engagement had non-commercial and commercial aspects, which included expanding its overseas sales.

a�?Each year we want our exports to grow 10 to 30 percent. We are focusing on our Asia-Pacific market, as well as the Middle East,a�? he said.

Visitors from Asia-Pacific countries have long dominated foreign arrivals to Southeast Asiaa��s largest economy, with the current top contributor coming from China.

With other companies submitting proposals to take part in the Wonderful Indonesia campaign, co-branding efforts may continue in the future.

Marketing consulting firm MarkPlus founder and CEO Hermawan Kartajaya applauded the ministrya��s branding approach through Indonesian-made products.

a�?Ita��s very effective because the products and tourism brand can support each othera��s strengths,a�? he said.

Hermawan added that as Indonesia championed nature, culture and man-made tourism, the products related to these aspects would fit the brand campaign as well.

Source: Jakarta Post