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Jokowi calls on global CEOs to invest in Indonesia

President Joko a�?Jokowia�? Widodo has reiterated a call for global business leaders and investors to take part in the countrya��s development, as Southeast Asiaa��s largest economy intensifies efforts to ease inbound investment to stoke growth.

Speaking on Tuesday evening in front of hundreds of participants of the 2016 Forbes Global CEO Conference in Jakarta, President Jokowi highlighted the governmenta��s efforts to attract investors to the country, including by streamlining procedures to obtain business permits.

He also pointed out some of his signature policies, including the reallocation of funds previously used for fuel subsidies, the program for an additional 35,000 megawatts of electricity capacity and the tax amnesty, which would strengthen economic prospects in the country.

a�?Ia��m here to convince you that we will continue to carry out reforms and create an investment climate that is more business-friendly,a�? the President said.

Some 400 CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from around the world are set to attend the 16th edition of Forbes Global CEO Conference, which runs from Tuesday to Thursday.A�(hwa)

Source: Jakarta Post