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BKPM Introduces Rapid Licensing Services

TEMPO.COJakarta - The Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) recently launched a 3-Hours Rapid Licensing Services in relation to infrastructure development in the energy and mineral resources (ESDM) sector. The new rapid licensing service was officially launched by BKPM Chairman Thomas Trikasih lembong and ESDM Minster Ignasius Jonan.

Minister Jonan expected the service to help in achieving the US$43 billion (Rp 568 Trillion) investment target for the ESDM sector. Back in 2016, the value of investment in the ESDM sector had reached US$26.76 billion (Rp 347.85 Trillion).

Thomas hoped that investment value in the ESDM sector could contribute to 20-50 percent of the total national investment in 2017-2018. Previously, Thomas stated that investment value in the ESDM sector only managed to contribute 10 percent of the total national investment.

Thomas added that with numerous government projects planned to commence, including the 35,000 Megawatts electricity project, the number of investments continue to increase. “I have seen financial closings [in many projects]. The value [of investment] for this year and next year will be massive,” Thomas said during the 3-Hours Rapid Licensing Services launching event on Monday, January 30, 2017.