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Digital economy will become engine of growth: Minister

The government has expressed its optimism that the digital economy will become the engine of growth in the coming years because it will facilitate businesses, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in accessing the tools necessary to develop.

Trade Minister Airlangga Hartarto said the requests from SMEs to the government usually included market access, material centers, capital accesses and product development.

a�?I see that all of those facilities have now been available in the infrastructureA�applied by Bukalapak,a�? Airlangga, referring to a local e-commerce platform, said whileA�attending the seventh anniversary of the company in Jakarta on Tuesday.

He said e-commerce platforms like Bukalapak would ease the transaction process between buyers andA�traders.

a�?Such digital infrastructure brings inA�buyers and sellers at zero cost. We have to encourage the development of such a model,a�? he said as reported byA�, adding that the government would also start focusing on theA�development of online business as an engine of economicA�growth. (bbn)