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Indonesian trade posts $1.4 billion surplus

Indonesian trade posted a US$1.4 billion surplus in January, a drastic surge from only $10 million in January 2016, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has said.

a�?This is the highest surplus since January 2014,a�? BPS head Suhariyanto said during a press conference in Jakarta on Thursday.

Indonesian exports reached $13.38 billion in January this year, an increase of 27.21 percent compared to the figure recorded in January 2016.

Non-oil and gas exports accounted for $12.11 billion, a 29.24 percent increase from the $9.37 billion recorded in January 2016.

Meanwhile, the value of oil and gas exports was $1.27 billion, an increase of 14.77 percent.

Indonesian imports were $11.99 billion, a 14.54 percent increase.

Non-oil and gas imports were $10.18 billion, a 10.12 percent increase. (bbn)