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Positive momentum of economic improvement to continue in 2017: Minister

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati believed that the national economic performance will continue to improve this year with the same momentum as it did last year.

“We want to maintain the positive momentum in 2017. Hence, the government needs to work harder to address a wide range of fundamental issues,” she said here on Tuesday.

One of the efforts to maintain the economic performance in 2017 is to strengthen the national economic fundamentals by using fiscal instruments and policies, she added.

“If the economy has wider foundations, in terms of economic agents and sectors, we will be able to build an economy which is more resistant (to global effects),” she noted.

The government has been making efforts to improve the performance in the investment sector and government consumption, which did not contribute significantly to the 2016 economic growth, she remarked.

She stated that the investment sector, which only grew 4.48 percent last year, will become one of the target areas of improvement, because the government has issued a series of economic policy packages.

The government will also increase its spending, which contracted 0.15 percent, following its decision to adjust its spending last year, she said.

“The adjustment was needed to ensure fiscal continuity without creating a credibility problem. We are trying to prevent the government factor from becoming a factor which creates uncertainty,” she pointed out.(*)