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Government to issue regulation on online shops

The government is considering issuing a regulation to support the a�?Safe Harbor Policya�? that was introduced in December last year to give legal protection to online shops against the sale of illegal goods by their merchants.

Communication and Information Minister Rudiantara said implementation of the Safe Harbor Policy was based on guidelines stipulated in a ministry circular.

a�?The circular is part of the process before the policy can be fully implemented.A� We will later issue a ministerial regulation as the basis of the Safe Harbor Policy,a�? he said at a press conference in Jakarta.

The Communication and Information Ministry issued a circular to state the responsibility of e-commerce players, such online shops and their merchants, regarding the legality of goods or services sold.

Through the policy, online shops will, for example, be legally protected against the sale of illegal goods by their merchants.

a�?Responsibility for products sold on the online marketplace is in the hands of the merchants or the ones who sell the products,a�? Rudiantara said.

Indonesia E-commerce Association (IdEA) chairman Aulia Marinto said the policy protected online providers, merchants and customers.

a�?The point is, the image of a marketplace and merchants who play fair will not be tainted by a person who uploads illegal goods on the platform,a�? he told The Jakarta Post. (ecn/bbn)

Source: Jakarta Post