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Govt to Launch 15th Economic Package on Logistics

TEMPO.CO,A�Jakarta – The government sets to launch the 15th economic policy package on logistics following the issuance of the 14th package on e-commerce in November 2016. Edy Putra Irawadi, Coordinating Economic Deputy Minister for Industry and Trade said that logistics and e-commerce cannot be separated.

a�?Wea��re currently preparing things to be done related to e-commerce. Ita��s not only about a demand roadmap, but also a combination of origin and demand. So far, we dona��t have goods transportation map,a�? Edy said at his office on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

In the 14th economic policy package, the logistics sector development includes the implementation of national logistics system, supports for logistics companies, logistics development for micro, small and medium enterprises, and logistics development in rural and urban areas.

Edy revealed that six main topics in the logistics sector are service providers, distribution center infrastructures, e-commerce, regulation unification, and vocation. In the 15th economic policy package, Edy proposed to focus on service providers or infrastructures.

According to Edy, the role of state postal service firm PT Pos Indonesia is vital, particularly in an endeavor to uniform prices across the country. However, Edy emphasized that synergy among state-owned companies is a must. PT Angkasa Pura and Pelindo will be involved in the effort to support PT Pos Indonesia.