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Indonesia Nets Rp754bn in US Fishery Expo

TEMPO.CO,A�Jakarta – Indonesian fishery products received a positive response in the United States after successfully collecting USD 58 million or 754 billion inA�rupiah.

The amount netted from the transactions at the Seafood Expo North America 2017. The exhibition was held throughout March 19-21 in Boston, Massachusetts, and was participated by 18 Indonesian companies.

Indonesiaa��s trade attachA� in Washington DC, Reza Pahlevi, said that Indonesian fishery products are pretty promising. a�?Indonesiaa��s fishery productsa�� export value totals to US$1.17 billion in 2016, growing 1.41 percent compared to 2015. Indonesiaa��s shrimp, tuna, and crab products dominated United Statesa�� fishery products,a�? as quoted fromA�BISNIS.COM on Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

The United States of America is the worlda��s largest fish and fishery products importer, considering that 85-90 percent of the nationa��s consumption comes from imported products. Their import value in 2016 reached US$14.6 billion.

Reza stated that the role of the American culinary industry is a major influencer for the countrya��s demand and trend. US and Canadian chefs that participated in the expo admitted that they prioritize a number of things such as the organic aspect, the preservation, and traceability of the products they purchase.

US consumersA�are also influenced by the packaging and the unique palate featured by a product. A low fat and high protein fishery product will add the level of consumption.

Hawaiian and Japanese seafood products are currently the trend in the United States. This could be Indonesiaa��s chance in increasing the level of market penetration into the country. a�?Indonesiaa��s fishery products stores a huge potential. Indonesiaa��s seafood culinary variety can potentially be made into processed food,a�? Reza said.