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Indonesia to Export Corn to Malaysia

TEMPO.CO,A�Jakarta -A�Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman said that Indonesia will be ready to export 3 million tons of corn to Malaysia in the next three years.

a�?Malaysia will import 3 million tons of corn from Indonesia. If we prepare it now, we can meet the demands in three or four years,a�? Amran said after meeting with Malaysian Agriculture Minister Dato Sri Achmad Shabery Cheek in Jakarta on Friday, March 3, 2017.

Amran explained that the government will export corn after meeting domestic demands. He added that Minister Dato Sri Achmad has agreed to plant corn in border areas of Entikong in West Kalimantan and in Sarawak, Malaysia. Both countries will join forces to plant corn in a 50,000-hectare land in Entikong and a 60,000-hectare of land in Sarawak. Minister Amran revealed that the project will commence in mid-2017.

During the bilateral meeting, Minister Dato Sri Achmad called on Indonesia to export corn seeds. Earlier, Malaysia imported corn from the United States and Argentina. The country decided to turn to Indonesia to meet the demands on corn. Indonesia also agreed to meet Malaysiaa��s demands on organic rice and cattle.