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Industry Ministry proposes Tanah Kuning Industrial Estate as national strategic project

The Industry Ministry has proposed that Tanah Kuning Industrial Estate in North Kalimantan be listed as a national strategic project as it could potentially drive economic development in the province.

If the proposal is accepted, it will be among the projects in the revision of Presidential Regulation No. 3/2016, under which development will be accelerated until 2019.

Located in a 10,000 hectare area, the industrial estate has potential to be utilized by various businesses, such as mineral, palm oil and cocoa processing and fisheries.

Industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto said Wednesday that as Tanah Kuning was situated along a sea route serving international trade and in a future global economic center in the Pacific Rim, the estate had a vital role to play in reaching out to the northern part of Asia and America.

a�?Within the next three years, we will encourage the acceleration of Tanah Kuning Industrial Estate,a�? Industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto said in a statement.

Seen as one of the new industrial growth centers, the estate is included in the ministrya��s national industrial development master plan for 2015-2035.

Various infrastructure projects, including construction of an international seaport, roads, bridges and airport, have been prepared to support the estate targeted to absorb 60,000 workers, Airlangga further said.

In addition, a Rp 170 trillion (US$12.7 billion) hydro power plant with 6,600 megawatt capacity is set to be built on a nearby site in Long Peso subdistrict, Bulungan Regency, he added. (lnd)

Source: Jakarta Post